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Leadership Studies Minor

Course of Study

The 18-credit minor is best suited to students involved in co-curricular leadership activities who want to illuminate what they experience with knowledge gained from investigating leadership principles in breadth and depth.

Leadership Studies Minor is a Rolling Application
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Introductory Coursework (3 cr)

LDST 200 - Intro Leadership Studies and Applications (3) or
LDST 201 - Introduction to Leadership Studies (2) and
LDST 202 - Introduction to Leadership Studies Applications (1) or
LDST 203 Introduction to Leadership, Honors (3)

Core Classes

LDST 431 - Communication and Leadership (3 hrs)
LDST 532 - Leadership Practicum (3 hrs)
LDST 535 - Seminar in Leadership Strategies and Applications (3 hrs)

Electives (6 cr)

A course in Ethics (3 hrs)
A course in Leadership, Diversity, and Culture (see below) (3 hrs)

At least one of the two electives must be 300 level or above.

Prerequisite Course Descriptions

LDST 200

This course combines an introduction to a theoretical, research-based approach to the study of leadership with hands-on application, analysis and experimentation with the process of leadership. Students will explore core leadership competencies and apply leadership tools and processes across a variety of groups and systems, addressing issues of concern within those communities. This course satisfies the LDST 201/LDST 202 prerequisite for the Leadership Studies Minor. This course is not available to students with credit in LDST 201/LDST 202. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. This course fulfills Core Goal 5 Learning Outcome 1 for Social Science and Culture & Society. 

LDST 201: Introduction to Leadership

This course, offered every semester, introduces students to the study of the leadership process. The course covers theories and research on core themes of leadership, focusing on how course materials relate to students' own leadership experiences. This course is taught online. Concurrent enrollment in LDST 202 is recommended. Not open to seniors. The course, combined with LDST 202, also fulfills Core Goal 5 Learning Outcome 1 for Ethics.

LDST 202: Introduction to Leadership Studies Applications

This course focuses on the application of information learned in LDST 201. Activities and discussions emphasize application, analysis, and engagement with the process of leadership. Concurrent enrollment in LDST 201 is recommended. Students considering the Leadership Studies Minor must complete LDST 201 and 202. Not open to seniors. The course, combined with LDST 201, also fulfills Core Goal 5 Learning Outcome 1 for Ethics.

Core Classes

LDST 431: Leadership and Communication

This course examines leadership as a process and the role of communication in effectively exercising the leadership process. Drawing from the theoretical paradigm of Adaptive Leadership, students develop core leadership competencies, diagnose and analyze leadership dilemmas, and examine the role of ethics, diversity, and community development in the leadership process. The course format is active and experiential. The course is taught every fall semester.

LDST 532: Leadership Studies Practicum

Students participate in leadership and community service activities that fall within the following areas: leadership development, community service, field-work experience. Written assignments and group discussions are used to analyze their learning. This course satisfies Goal 6 Learning Outcome 1 of the KU Core for Integration and Creativity. Prerequisite:  LDST 201, LDST 202, and Admission to Leadership Minor or consent of instructor.

LDST 535: Leadership Strategies and Applications

This seminar serves as the capstone course for the Leadership Studies minor. It includes advanced readings on the theory and practice of Adaptive Leadership, as well as major individual and group projects. Students will demonstrate their understanding of Adaptive Leadership, apply core leadership competencies, and synthesize the connections between effective leadership, ethics, diversity, and community development. Prerequisite:  LDST 201, LDST 202, LDST 431, and Admission to Leadership Minor or consent of instructor. The course is taught every spring. 

Global Women's Leadership Engagement

Planned for January 2022

Qualifies as Leadership Engagement Certificate Experience Hours and Leadership Studies Minor Elective Credit.

Legacy Project

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